Professional Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services in San Francisco, CA - est. 2009

Cat Sitting Daily Rates

20 Minutes = $30

40 Minutes = $40

Pet Sitting for Cats

Cat Sitting EOD Rates

20 Minutes = $35

40 Minutes = $45

Cat Visit FAQ

- Two sets of keys are required to complete cat visits*

- We do not recommend every other day (EOD) visits

- Liability release required if:

  • Job/home sharing takes place during visits
  • Your pet is allowed outside access
  • EOD visits requested

- Exact dates/times of departure and return are required

- Generally, the times of the day we can complete cat visits are between 8/9am and 3/4/5pm (exact times are based on daily schedule)

* If you only have one set, please contact us to discuss options

Sniff and Go Pet Sitting services provide special visits to give your pet companionship and care in the comfort of their own home.  All visits come the our scheduling system and email alerts of start/end times.

  • Fresh food
  • Fresh water
  • Play Time
  • Daily litter box cleaning plus light cleaning of surrounding area
  • Full litter box changes if requested or needed
  • Light cleaning of surrounding food and sleeping areas
  • Pictures sent of pets and completed in-service requests
  • Mail brought in if needed
  • Plants watered  if needed
  • Special Requests (i.e. administer medications, change potty pads, cook meals, move vehicles for street cleaning, etc...)​

"We will use Sniff and Go every time we are out of town now and won't hesitate to recommend to others.  Great, professional and convenient service!" - Clare C.

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Daily Key Check Out = +$5

Oral Medication = +$5
Needle Injections = +$10
Parking = varied depending on location

Pick Up Supplies = $25 + cost of supplies

One Day Scheduling Notice = $10

Same Day Scheduling Notice = $25

Please contact us or call/text 415-972-9939 with any questions you may have about Sniff and Go or if you'd like to schedule services!